Work Credits
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"Thinking is easy, acting is difficult, and to put one's thoughts into action is the most difficult thing in the world."   Von Goethe


Purgatory        Lead(Isabella)                               NHR Productions/ Malcolm X Johnson

Remnant         Lead(Woman)                               Joel Kenyon

Sustained        Supporting (Mrs. McPherson)       Envz Productions/Jamall R McMillan

All Beef            Featured(Customer)                      FatHead Productions

Ripper              Lead(Drew)                                   Hydraulic Entertainment
                                                                               /Mark Allen Stuart
Alter                 Supporting(Scarlett)                      States of Matter Films

Velocity            Supporting(Newscaster)                States of Matter Films

Love Scenes    Featured(MUA)                              Poetry N’ Moshun Productions
                                                                                /Micah Nelson
Action News     2nd Assistant Director                   AFI Film Thesis/Niels Alpert


On-Demand Car Care  Featured         Red Wolf Films

Estrella Jalisco            Featured             Estrella Jalisco

North Myrtle Beach     Featured            Motionworks Multimedia
Chamber of Tourism

ADORAtherapy           Featured           

Sea Crest Resort        Featured            Motionworks Multimedia

My Zaggy Pillows        Principal            Reginald Batiste

Feed@5”                     Guest Co-Host   Dark Ronin Studios
 #164,#175, #202, #222

La Porte on the Ave     Principal            The Ave

Pieter Andries              Featured            Local Cable, TX


       Abilene Christian University      B.S. Broadcast Journalism
       Fulton Theatre                          Theater Scene Study Intensive
       NYS3 The Meisner                   Acting (Meisner and Movement) Workshop
       CD MaxAnn                              Commercial Workshop

Special Talents: Runner, Yoga, Accents; Southern, English; Basic French and Spanish, Teleprompter, Host, Anchor, Interviewer